Sixth Grade Lessons

Grade Title TEKS Additional Resources
6 Build a Citizen 6.11A, B; 6.12A, B; 6.13A, C; 6.14A, B Country Cards
6 Citizen/Leader Bio Poem 6.11A, 6.12A, 6.13A, B, C Country Cards
6 Constitution: At a Glance 6.11B
6 Country Card Frame 6.3A, 6.3B, 6.3C, 6.3D, 6.4B, 6.4C, 6.4D, 6.4E, 6.5A, 6.5B, 6.11A, 6.11B, 6.12A, 6.15A, 6.15B, 6.21B, 6.21C; WG 1A, WG 5A, WG 6B, WG 7B, WG 7C Country Cards
6 Flash Card Vocabulary Strategies 6.22A
6 Front Page 6.11A, B, C, D; 6.12A; 6.13B; 6.21A; 6.22B, D, E; 6.23B Country Cards
6 Government Acrostic Poem 6.11A, B; 6.12A; 6.13A, B, C Country Cards
6 Pie of Power 6.11A, 6.11B, 6.11C, 6.12A Country Cards
6 Pizza Power (6) 6.12A, 6.13A, B, C Types of Government ChartSystems of Government
6 The Columbian Exchange–Who Got the Best Deal? (6) 6.1A, 6.1B, 6.2B, 6.4C, 6.15F, 6.17A, 6.17D, 6.17E
6 Vocabulary Connections 6.22A, B; 6.11A, B; 6.12A
6 Who Am I? 6.11A, B, D; 6.12A; 6.13A, B, C Country Cards
6 Country Card United Nations Dinner Party 6.11 B, C ; 6.12 A, B ; 6.13 A, B, C