Seventh Grade Lessons

Grade Title TEKS Additional Resources
7 American/Texas Revolution Jumble 7.3A, 7.3D
7 Celebrating Adoption–The Texas Declaration of Independence 7.1C, 7.3B, 7.3C, 7.22D
7 Jigsaw of the Texas Constitutions 7.2D, 7.3C, 7.14A
7 Mix, Match, Freeze–Principles of the Texas Constitution 7.14 A, 7.14B
7 Republic of Texas Presidential Awards 7.4A, 7.18A
7 Stepping Toward Texas Independence 7.1C, 7.3C
7 The End of the Open Range 7.6A, 7.6B, 7.20C
7 U.S. or Texas Constitution 7.14A, 7.14B
7 Which Body Is It? Texas Legislature 7.15A
7 Which Declaration of Independence Is It? 7.3A, 7.3C