Kindergarten-Second Grade Lessons

Grade Title TEKS Additional Resources
K-2 A Symbol of Freedom: The Statue of Liberty K.16B, 1.14A, 1.14E, 1.18B, 2.14C, 2.14D, 2.19B
K-2 A Trophy for Eleanor Roosevelt 1.13B, 1.17B, 1.18A, 1.18B LA1.14A, LA1.1B, LA1.27, LA1.28
K-2 A World Without Cell Phones K.3A, K.13A, K.13B, K.13C, K.14A, K.14B, K.14C, K.15A, K.15B, 1.3A, 1.16A. 1.16B, 1.17A, 1.17B, 1.17C, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.2B, 2.2C, 2.17A, 2.18A, 2.18D, 2.18E, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Amelia Earhart: A Woman With A Dream 2.4B, 2.18A, 2.18B, 2.18D, 2.19A
K-2 America the Beautiful 2.14B, 2.18A, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Appreciating Likeness and Differences K.11 A, K.11B, K.14B, K.15B, 1.17B, 1.18B, 2.18B, 2.18E, 2.19B
K-2 Are the “Star-Belly Sneetches” Good Citizens? 1.13A, 1.3C, 1.17B, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.13A, 2.13D, 2.18B, 2.18E, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Bullying: An Opportunity for Problem-Solving K.16A, 1.19A, 2.20A
K-2 Celebrating Freedom SS K.10C, K.14B, K.15, 1.14F, 1.17B, 1.18, 2.18B, 2.19, 3.10A, 4.15C, 4.22B, 4.22D, 5.15B, 5.15C; LA K.14A, K.15, K.22, 1.19C, 1.27, 1.28, 2.19C, 2.28, 2.29, 3.20C, 3.29A, 3.30, 4.18C, 4.27A, 4.28, 5.18C, 5.27A, 5.28
K-2 Celebrating San Jacinto Day K.2A, K.15B, 1.1A, 1.14A, 1.18B, 2.1A, 2.14C, 2.14D, 2.19B
K-2 Celebrating Texas Independence Day K.14B, K.15B, 1.1A, 1.17B, 1.18B, 2.1A, 2.18B, 2.19B PowerPoint Presentation–Celebrating Texas Independence Day
K-2 Celebrating Veterans Day K.1A, K.15A, 1.2A, 1.13A, 2.14D
K-2 Clara Barton: A Special Christmas Gift to the World K.2B, K.15B, 1.13C, 1.18B, 2.13C, 2.19B
K-2 Class Community Puzzle K.11A, K.11B, K.16B, 1.12C, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.13A, 2.13C, 2.19A, 2.19B; LAK.21A, LAK.22A, 1.19C, 1.27A, 1.28A, 2.28A, 2.29A
K-2 Code Talkers Storytelling Sheet 2.1A, 2.13B, 2.18B LA2.3B, LA2.28, LA2.29, LA2.30
K-2 Columbus Day K.2A, K.15B, 1.2A, 1.4A, 1.17B, 2.5A, 2.18B
K-2 Community Helpers and the Tools of Their Trade K.7A, K.14B, K.15B, 1.17B, 1.18B, 2.18B, 2.19B
K-2 Concentrating on the Preamble K.14C, K.15A, 1.12C, 1.17C, 1.18A, 2.17D, 2.19A
K-2 Draw and Talk About the Need for Rules K.8A, K.9A, K.15A, 1.11A, 1.18A, 2.19A
K-2 Draw One: A State and National Symbols Card Game 1.14A, 2.1B, 2.14 B, 2.14C
K-2 Electing A President 1.12B, 1.13A, 2.12C
K-2 End of the Year Timeline K.3A, K.3B, K.14A, K.14C, K.16A, K.16B, 1.3A, 1.3C, 1.17A, 1.17C, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.2B, 2.2C, 2.18A, 2.18D, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Facts About George Washington 1.1A, 1.2A, 1.17B, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.1A. 2.4A, 2.18B, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Freedom Elementary School K.8, K.14B, K.15B, 1.18, 2.19A, 1.11A, 1.11B, 1.18A, 1.18B
K-2 George Washington’s Teeth K.2B, K.3A, K.15B, 1.2A, 1.3C, 1.18B, 2.4A, 2.19B
K-2 Goldilocks and the Three Bears K.8A, K.8B, K.9A, K.9B, K.14A, K.14B, K.15A, 1.11A, 1.1B, 1.12A, 1.17A, 1.17B, 1.18A, 2.17A, 2.17B, 2.17D, 2.19A, LAK.23A, LA1.19B, LA2.20A
K-2 Good Classroom Citizens K.15A, 1.13A, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.13A, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Have Bell Will Travel… or Will It K.10C, K.14B, K.15A, K.16, 1.14A, 1.14F, 1.17B, 1.18A, 1.19, 2.14C, 2.14D, 2.18B, 2.19B, 2.20A, 2.20B PowerPoint Presentation–Have Bell Will Travel
K-2 Honoring Martin Luther King Jr 1.2A, 1.13A, 1.17A, 1.17B, 1.18B, 2.2C, 2.18A, 2.18B, 2.18D, 2.19B
K-2 Honoring Outstanding Americans 1.13C, 1.17B, 1.18B, 2.4B, 2.13B, 2.18B, 2.19B; LA1.19B, LA2.19B
K-2 Humpty Dumpty: An Example of Why We Need Rules K.8 A, K.8B, K.14B, K.15A, K.15B, 1.11A, 1.17B, 1.18A, 2.1B, 2.1E, 2.18B, 2.18E, 2.19A, 2.19B; LAK.22A; LA1.28A; LA2.29A
K-2 I Am Abigail Adams K.2A, K.15B, 1.13B, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.13A, 2.13B, 2.19
K-2 I Can Be a Good Citizen K.15A, K.15B, 1.12C, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.13A, 2.19A, 2.19B; LAK.21A, LAK22A, LAK.23A LA1.27A, LA1.28A, LA1.29A, LA2.28A, LA2.29A, LA2.30A PowerPoint Presentation–I Can Be A Good Citizen
K-2 It’s Always Presidents’ Day at Mount Rushmore 1.1A, 1.2A, 1.5, 1.17A, 1.17B, 2.1, 2.4A, 2.5A, 2.18A, 2.18B
K-2 Learning About Citizenship Through Fables K.15, 1.13A, 1.18, 2.13A, 2.18E, 2.19 PowerPoint Presentation–Learning About Citizenship Through Fables
K-2 Learning About the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) 2.1A, 2.2C, 2.4A, 2.4B, 2.18A, 2.18B, 2.18D, 2.19A, 2.19B PowerPoint Presentation–Learning About the Women Airforce Service Pilots
K-2 Martin Luther King Jr. Placemats 1.1A, 1.2A, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.1A, 2.4A, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Miss Needa Help K.8A, K.8B, K.16A, 1.11A, 1.11B, 1.18A, 2.18E, 2.19A, LAK.22A, LA1.28A, LA2.29A PowerPoint Presentation–Miss Needa Help
K-2 Navajo Code Talkers 2.13 PowerPoint Presentation–Navajo Code Talkers
K-2 Our National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner 2.14B, 2.17B, 2.20B
K-2 Party Time! K.10D, K.15A, K.15B, 1.14D, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.12C, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Piecing Together the First Amendment 1.17A, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.11A, 2.18A, 2.18E, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 Review Time: Here’s the Answer-What’s the Question? K.1A, K.2A, K.10A, K.14A, K.15, 1.1A, 1.2A, 1.13A, 1.13B, 1.14A, 1.17A, 1.18, 2.1A, 2.4A, 2.4B, 2.12A, 2.12B, 2.21D, 2.13A, 2.13B, 2.13D, 2.14C, 2.18A, 2.19, LAK.21, LAK.23, LA1.27, LA1.29, LA2.19C, LA2.28A, LA2.30
K-2 Show You Know State and National Symbols 1.14A, 1.14C, 2.1B, 2.14C
K-2 Sketching Ideas About The Founders K.2A, K.10C, K.10D, K.14B, 1.2A, 1.13B, 1.14D, 1.14F, 1.17B, 2.4A, 2.14D, 2.18B, LAK.10, LAK.10B, LAK.21, LAK.23, LA1.14A, LA1.14B, LA1.27, LA1.29, LA2.14A, LA2.14B, LA2.28, LA2.20
K-2 Sort It Out: Is It Washington or Lincoln 1.1A, 1.2A, 1.17B, 1.17C
K-2 Thanksgiving: Comparing Then and Now K.1, K.14B, K.15, 1.1, 1.17B, 1.18, 2.1A, 2.18B, 2.19
K-2 The Alamo K.2A, K.14A, K.14B, K.16A, K.16B, 1.14A, 1.17A, 1.17B, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.1B, 2.4A, 2.14C, 2.17A, 2.17B, 2.17E, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 The Majestic Washington Monument K.2A, K.14B, K.15, 1.2A, 1.17B, 1.18, 2.1B, 2.18B, 2.19
K-2 The Star-Spangled Banner 1.14C, 1.17B, 1.18B, 2.14B, 2.18B, 2.19B
K-2 The U.S. Flag Code: Sorting It Out! K.10A, K.14C, K.15A, 1.14A, 1.17C, 1.18A, 2.14C, 2.14D, 2.18D, 2.19A
K-2 Thurgood Marshall: Mr. Civil Rights 2.4A, 2.13A, 2.18B, D, 2.19A
K-2 We Gather Together K.1A, K.14B, K.15A, K.15B, 1.1A, 1.17B, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.1A, 2.18B, 2.18E, 2.19A, 2.19B
K-2 What is Freedom K.2A, K.10C, K.14B, K.15A, K.15B, 1.2A, 1.17B, 1.18 A, 1.18B, 2. 4A, 2.19 A, 2.19B
K-2 Which Authority Figure Is It? K.9A, K.14B, K.14C, K.15, 1.12A, 1.17B, 1.17C, 1.18
K-2 Yes or No Review Game 2.1A, 2.4A, 2.4B, 2.12A, 2.13B, 2.14A, 2.14B, 2.14C, 2.18A
K-2 Your Vote Counts! K.10D, K.15A, K.15B, 1.14C, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.19A, 2.19B