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I-Can-Be-A-Good-Citizen PPT

K.15A, K.15B, 1.12C, 1.18A, 1.18B, 2.13A, 2.19A, 2.19B; LAK.21A, LAK22A, LAK.23A LA1.27A, LA1.28A, LA1.29A, LA2.28A, LA2.29A, LA2.30A good citizenship

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Law-Related Education Workshops

All LRE workshops emphasize the TEKS for Social Studies. Workshops may be designed for three or six hours. If you are interested in additional information scheduling and cost of a…

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Kindergarten-Second Grade Lessons

Grade Title TEKS Additional Resources K-2 A Symbol of Freedom: The Statue of Liberty K.16B, 1.14A, 1.14E, 1.18B, 2.14C, 2.14D, 2.19B K-2 A Trophy for Eleanor Roosevelt 1.13B, 1.17B, 1.18A,…

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