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LRE Lesson Plan of the Month

The LRE Department has updated all lessons to the new TEKS standards for Social Studies in the archives.

Below are the current printable lesson plans that are available to download at any time. Be sure to check back soon for new plans or check the lesson plan archives for previous postings.


August 2014

There are no Lesson Plans available for this month.

Grade K - Old Uncle Sam Card Game
Grade 1 - George Washington A Great Leader
Grade 2 - Star Spangled Banner Rebus
Grade 3 - Constitution Day Concentrating on the Preamble
Grade 4 - Constitution Scavenger Hunt
Grade 5 - Who's Got the Power PPT | and PDF
Grade 6 - Constitutions in Historical Perspectives
Grade 7 - Island Activity
Grade 8 - Seven Principles of Constitutional Collage
Grade 9 - Constitution at a Glance
Grade 10 - Puzzled
Grade 11 - Separation of Power
Grade 12 - Check Point Powers

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ConSource Lessons

These Constitution-based lessons, sponsored by the Texas Bar Foundation,  are written for 5th, 8th and high school levels. Each lesson utilizes American Founding Era primary sources available in the in the ConSource library and aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards.

Click here for ConSource lessons!